The mPulse is the world’s first handheld metal analysis tool using LIBS/laser technology. After a successful market launch, the tool is now being delivered to the metal recycling industry for the second year.

Speed is the main strength of the mPulse, which identifies alloys in one second, enabling materials to be sorted fast. This helps recycling companies that process ferrous and non-ferrous alloys maximise their profits from their metal stocks in a shorter period of time.

The hardware and software of the mPulse focuses on usability. Once the trigger is pulled, the programme starts and the tool is ready for use within a short time. The large, easy-to-read display in virtually any weather is a welcome feature for users.

Since no X-ray tube is used, there is no reporting requirement for the tool. The risk of damaging an XRF detector is also a thing of the past as a hardened sapphire glass lens is used to protect the optical section. Due to the use of laser technology, users no longer have to worry about possibly being exposed to X-rays.

In its bright orange colour, the mPulse is highly visible in metal recycling company facilities, where less brightly coloured products can get lost in a sea of metallic grey.

Over the past two years, the mPulse has been under continuous further development, making the tool very stable and reliable. Many large and small recycling companies have now chosen the mPulse. With the mPulse, MATECH BV has established a leading position in the European recycling market in terms of handheld LIBS metal analysis tools.

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