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Guidetti is a leading manufacturer in the field of cable recycling machines, based in Renazzo, Italy. With the knowledge acquired in over more than thirty years of experience and investments in research and development. Guidetti stands for passion, technology and attention to every functional detail, continuously researching new solutions and development of systems aimed to excellence.

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Hitachi High-Tech develops and manufactures optical spectrometers for the analysis of metals. The consistent use of semiconductor technology facilitates universal application of the devices while also offering simplified and safe operation. Since the beginning of the company’s history, they have succeeded in establishing themselves as a well-known supplier of spectrometer systems worldwide in just a few short years.

The key to their success is their philosophy of excelling through providing innovative technology and serving as ‘problem solvers’ in the field of materials testing. They see customers as competent partners in the (further) development of new and existing devices, and see themselves not only as a qualified device supplier, but also as a partner for customers in solving their application-related challenges.

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Founded as a mechanical construction company, Taurus has been involved in the study, design, development and production of machines and installations for processing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap since the 1960s. Giovanni Colombo en Dino Giuliani, the founders of the company, were among the forerunners and innovators in Europe of compression and shearing techniques and technologies applied to machines for the processing of scrap metal. In the beginning, Taurus was engaged in the construction of mechanical alligator shears used for manual scrap cutting.

At that time, automatic crushing and shearing of scrap metal was carried out using hydraulically operated ‘shear balers’ which were bulky, heavy-duty, and only intended for a few users. In the 1970s, Taurus developed ‘balers and shears’ with a more lightweight and manageable design. The more interesting prices also made them accessible to a wider market without compromising on quality, reliability and safety.

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Minelli is a company specialised in the design and production of hydraulic crane equipment and everything related to the handling of bulk materials and scrap metal. Based in the province of Brescia, a historically important area for iron and metal processing, it has gained vast practical experience over the years. Coupled with the desire to innovate, this has enabled it to develop a range of technically advanced products of the highest quality.

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JMC Recycling systems

Since 1872, the McIntyre brand has been a trusted name in scrap metal and metal recycling machinery, such as alligator shears and metal balers, with a passionate commitment to honest dealings, value, choice, safety and superior customer care. The strength of McIntyre’s reputation for quality and performance is so strong that our foundation brand has never lost its appeal.

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Bergamini was founded in the mid-1970s in Carpenedolo in the province of Brescia, an area with a technical tradition reaching back centuries. For more than 10 years, they have been active in the international market in the recycling, agriculture and industrial sectors with their own in-house products manufactured with the vast experience they have gained over the years.

The company has always focused on the quality of its products such as hydraulic alligator shears, cable strippers and brooms. This target has been achieved thanks to its qualified staff and technical office that is always striving to improve and to satisfy the needs of its customers who can count on a reliable partner now more than ever.

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ITR Recycling was founded as the corporate vision of OMAR for the development and design of processing and separation installations for solid waste and for the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the experience gained from its parent company, ITR has become a partner for the development of complete turnkey recycling installations for processing industrial and municipal, ferrous and non-ferrous waste.