About us

Who is Matech

MATECH is active in the international metal and recycling market. These distributors are well trained to market and service the MATECH products. In the Benelux we work with you directly, while in the areas beyond the Benelux, you will be assisted by a network of exclusive distributors. These distributors are well trained to help you understand and market MATECH products. Based on an open and professional relationship, MATECH represents leading manufacturers of recycling machinery and has its own machinery brand. The following product ranges, new and used, are offered by MATECH:

Meet the team!

Our team is available to address your questions and needs every day. Thanks to our relatively small team, the lines of communication are very short, meaning that we can always respond quickly. Whether you are interested in one of our machines, a metal analysis tool or if you are looking for a particular part, we will make every effort to support you as effectively and as quickly as possible with your request.

Matech - Marc van de Wijdeven

Marc van de Wijdeven

Managing Director

Matech - Bjorn Giesbers

Björn Giesbers

Managing Director

Matech - Ester Cappers

Esther Cappers

Office Management

Matech - Yvonne Veeloo Wilms

Yvonne Veeloo-Wilms

Back office Sales and Service

Matech - Thorsten Eggers

Thorsten Eggers

Sales Germany

Vincent Koster


Hans Koster


Want to join our team?

Our technicians

Our passionate and skilled technicians are always ready to provide technical support to our team on the shop floor. With their years of experience (over 25 years), they are eager to meet any challenge. You will always be helped quickly and your machine will be back in production in no time. From replacing a small part to building a major recycling line, no challenge is too great for them! Throughout Europe, they are ready to help our customers and provide a suitable solution to your challenge.

What we offer

The head office of MATECH is located in Mierlo in the south of the Netherlands. It is easily accessible by car from the north of the Netherlands, from Belgium, France and Germany. The main airports in Brussels, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Eindhoven are all within a 1-hour drive from our location. MATECH always has a high volume of stock of new and used equipment. This stock is also located in Mierlo, the cherry capital of the world.


MATECH has a team of reliable and specialised technicians, suppliers and service technicians who support us on a daily basis with your challenges.


To ensure that our services are provided throughout Europe, we cooperate with reliable distributors spread across different countries all over Europe.


In the years to come, MATECH also intends to remain a prominent player in the scrap and metal recycling industry. We will achieve this firstly through our engaging contact with suppliers and customers, based on mutual trust and a high level of service, and secondly through offering market-oriented products. MATECH’s vision is to remain a leading provider of machines and equipment for scrap metal and metal recycling.